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"TOP FIVE BEST Photographers" Says Ottawa METRO News

511 Five Star Online Reviews 

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We know your people are busy and time is money....

We are a headshot photo studio in Nepean with forty plus years of experience finding ways to make your job easier when it comes to corporate staff photos and team photos. We can simply show up at your location and do all of your company headshots right there. We have a portable photography studio and have served clients in Ottawa, Nepean, Kanata, Orleans, Richmond, Barrhaven and even Manotick since 1980. We take up minimal space and work quickly, in fact it really only takes a few minutes per person to produce professional images with nice expressions.


We take the digital images back to our office and either put them online so you can pick the best images or we can do it to save you time.


The best images are retouched in Photoshop to remove blemishes, reduce lines, wrinkles and scars. Teeth are whitened slightly, and if required double chins are reduced. 

Our Free Professional Retouching Service guarantees you will look a little better, a little younger and a little thinner.

Small businesses, large corporations and government have been using us for decades and we are honored with over 511 Five Star Reviews from clients. METRO Ottawa picked us as the "Top 5 Best Photographers"


Contact us today and we can get started on doing headshots of your executives, staff or sales team.

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Team Headshots on Location

Minimum Charge for Location $500

4 - 9 People ...$125 each

Includes 1 hour of our time at your location

10 - 19 People ...$115 each

Includes up to 2 hours of our time at your location

20+ People ...$ 99 each

Includes up to 2 hours of our time at your location



Includes set up at your location

(or any local location)


1 Outfit Only Please

Online Proofing and Selection


1 Finished & Retouched Digital File each Person

Saved as High Resolution (for quality prints) and

Low Resolution (for LinkedIn, websites

and other social media profile photos).

Head and shoulders poses only.

All in Standard JPEG Format

A deposit is required to book all location assignments.

Get your free Tips, Information and advice on "What To Wear  for Business Photos" here. 

Aaron S. VP of First Air says in his 5 Star Online Review...


"Exceeded all Expectations! "Robin was a pleasure to deal with and provided a high quality product and excellent value. The session was conducted with a perfect balance of friendliness and professionalism. Turnaround time was exceptional, proofs were provided within hours of our session. Once I selected the images any touch-ups were made quickly and I received high-quality images that exceeded my expectations in short order. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to any friends or colleagues looking for a similar service."

Ottawa Photographers Corporate Headshots Business Photos Spencer Studio

Erica W. Senior Marketing Manager of CENX Inc. says in her 5 Star Online Review...


"I've worked with Robin several times over the last few years for corporate headshots, and every single time I've been incredibly impressed by the professional service our company received. He was prompt, professional, and worked with us to develop the shots that we wanted. He worked quickly, efficiently, and is a pro! I keep hiring him back for more headshots because I know that I can trust him with our corporate image. I'd highly recommend Spencer Studio!!"

Nicole G. of Korn Ferry International says in her 5 Star Online Review...

"Robin was on time, professional, friendly and his prices were the best we found in Ottawa. Our firm had to have specific resume pictures and Robin had no problems accommodating us. I would highly recommend Spencer Studio."

Additional Info About Your Staff, Team or Board Headshot Photos.

Your company website should show pictures of the board of directors, your sales team or staff that look consistent and professional. Same background, similar head size, consistent lighting, sharp and of course include basic facial retouching.


Where and when.

Yes I know, it's often difficult to get everyone together at the same time and the same place, not to mention the time factor. Well we work quickly, only a few minutes per person. Our portable studio doesn't require much space to set up, usually in an empty office or boardroom.


Board meetings or company retreats are perfect times, you have everyone there and we would be happy to show up and produce quality headshots quickly and with minimal disruptions.


Check with your head office for photo requirements.

Some have specific requirements for clothes,  which direction your face is showing and how much of your body to include. Some companies require a specific background colour. We deal with an international company that wants all of their employees on a particular shade of cyan with a 30% fade to 10% to match their corporate colours. That way all employees, no matter which country they are from giving a uniform look on the websites and printed material. I'm not sure that the actual cyan background really exists in real life. We created it in Photoshop and use it as a template to just drop in after we photograph their employees on a green screen. We keep it on file to use as new people join the company.


The other common requirement is size. The standard size for printing (business cards, brochures, publicity) is a 5X7" at 300dpi JPEG and a 150 pixels high JPEG or PNG (saved at 85% to save space and a faster page view) for websites and social media. But many companies or webmasters prefer a different size. We are happy to oblige.


Keep in mind that it's best to have the photo specifically sized for your website. When large photos are resized by the website software they often appear mushy or blurry. The latest versions of Photoshop have special algorithms to reduce an image and to re-sharpen at the same time.


Even if your website software does a good job resizing your images, they are still stored as large files on the web page and this means slower loading times for your web page.      

You have the choice to pick the best expression yourselves or I would be happy to do it for you. Then quickly get the images retouched, sized and back to you with a downloadable link, or on a USB drive. Typically we include image sizes giving you a high-resolution copy for printing (cards, brochures, advertising, and printed press releases) we also include sizes for LinkedIn or most social media profile photos, sizes for websites, and an emailable size.  


Retouching is Included free on the finished photos (Not the proofs). In order to produce Ottawa's best business portraits and corporate headshots we are happy to include some portrait retouching to whiten teeth, soften lines and wrinkles, remove blemishes or thin down the jawline and reduce a double chin if needed. All of our finished headshots have been tweaked in Photoshop. Our goal is to make you look great but not overdo the retouching, we want you to look like you are having a great day without looking retouched. But of course the choice is always yours how far we go so if you have any special concerns just let us know..  

Our Free Professional Retouching Service guarantees you will look a little better, a little younger and a little thinner.

Payment Options Information

You can pay by pretty well any major credit card you can imagine (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB or Discover) or corporate cheques.

24/7 Easy online convenience  

Easy online viewing and online ordering for all of our business portrait and corporate headshot services. 

We try to make it easy and convenient for you, so we offer several services online available to you 24/7. After your photo session you will be emailed a link and a password to view your proofs online. You can share your password with anyone you like or even share the gallery on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. You can take your time, select your favourite images and order your favourites online. After we have them retouched and sized they will be sent to you directly or put in DropBox for you to download to your computer.      

Information, tips and advice on what to wear for your Spencer Studio business portrait or professional headshot.

Yes times have changed, Tie or no tie? Your choice of course and it depends on your job and the industry you are in. But the basic principles of colour still apply. We are happy to give you a few free basic tips  "What to Wear For Your Business Portrait" Feel free to bring a couple, yes a couple (not seventeen outfits please) and we will take a look for you and give you some helpful advice if you want it. In general your face and expression should be the most important element of the photo and we don't want clothes or colours detracting from that so think solid colours, keep jewelry simple and keep in mind that dark colours have a slimming effect. But of course this all depends on the image you are trying to project.  

Hey check out our 511 Five Star Reviews (They make us so proud)

We are very proud of our reviews, both Google Reviews and ​our Verified Customer Reviews. So many great reviews, at the last count a total of 511 Five Star Verified Customer Reviews. People always say how much they love their photos but the other common thread is how they felt very comfortable and relaxed. This is great to hear because as you know most people get very nervous having their photo taken.

Information on our Awards and Honors

Spencer Studio's 40 year history makes me proud to be one of Ottawa's oldest and most trusted portrait photography studios.

With so many photographers out there it's the national and international awards, recognitions and accreditations from our peers through professional photographers associations and professional photography competitions and also the People's Choice and Viewer's Choice Awards that separate us from many of the other professional photographers in Ottawa.


If you think it's time to update your company website's board, staff or team headshots please give me a call or send me an email or use the contact form below.

We are happy to quote on any specific requirements for your office's corporate headshots.

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