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Robin Uses and Recommends...

Online Photography Courses


Things have really changed. It used to be to learn professional photography you had to jump on a plane and attend a multi day workshop given by a great photographer. And that's still the best way to learn.

But times have changed and now there are tons of "How To" photography videos online and on YouTube. Problem is that for the most part they're amateurish, full of misinformation and a waste of time.

I have purchased about 25 profession photography courses from Creative Live, I was only disappointed by one and they refunded my money. I'm impressed that they only show top rated photographers and the courses are all professionally done.  If you're interested in a course they let you watch a free lesson or two before you decide if you want to buy it. They always seem to have a sale. 

They also have some free online classes. Personally I have only found a couple of the free ones really good, most of the free ones were pretty...well you know...

Use this link to check out Creative Live, This link includes a code that will save you US$15 off the first course you buy with a value of US$25 or more.

Robin Uses and Recommends...

Square Credit Card Reader FREE

Also No Monthly Fee


I love this little gizmo. No paperwork and the money gets in to my account much faster than Stripe. You can process all credit cards plus Interact Debit, Google pay, Apple Pay etc.


Plus when you activate a Square account through this link, you can process up to $1,000 in credit card sales for free during your first 180 days.


Photographers/business people This is a great little device that lets you accept credit cards anywhere. We use it at the park or when doing location/home portraits.

They now offer an optional ($59) Bluetooth version so you can tap as well for touchless payments.


Free reader, no monthly fee


SQUARE card reader
Robin Uses and Recommends...

Shootproof  Online Proofing Services



Photographers - check out @ShootProof for on-line photo proofing, 

mobile apps, commission free sales and print fulfillment!


Click this link and save some money


Shootproof logo
Robin Uses and Recommends...

Surmesur Custom Made Business Suits & Shirts


Surmesur Ottawa Store

320 Queen Street, Ottawa


Ask for Todd Pratt

Website click this link


Surmesur logo

Spencer Studio serving Ottawa, Kanata, Nepean, Manotick, Orleans, Ontario 1980 - 2021

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