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"Transparent Backgrounds" - Green Screen - Extractions 

Having "No Background" gives you the option of dropping yourself on any background on the websites or printing

Green screen for headshots

PNG Files Offer Various Background Possibilities

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Nobody seems to know what to call these types of images. People often ask for a "floating image", an "Image with no box" or "a photo with no background" I know what they mean but there doesn't seem to be a layman's term for them. Sorry not even sure there is a common professional term for them. But we see them every day.

An image that just seems to be cut out (digitally extracted) and dropped into different scenes or backgrounds. They are supplied with no background, well actually there is sort of a background made of light and dark gray squares like a checkerboard that will really only show up in programs like Photoshop. 

Where are they needed.
They are used on websites where you want to see the web page behind you, or on a business card when you want to look like you are part of the card instead of a photo stuck to it. (See samples)

We often use them to drop someone in front of a scene, realtors in front of a nice home, lawyers in front of the Supreme Court or financial planners in front of the stock exchange.   

How Can We Help?
For the person that wants a "floating no background" image, we simply do the shoot on our green scree or advance white screen, you give your best Hollywood smiles, then you pick the best expression, using green screen technology we digitally extract you from the background. Then we do our Photoshop retouching so you look spectacular and then we save it as a PNG file and email it to you. The same file can be used for your website or business cards.

Please Note: PNG Files are a specialty product. Something  you will pass along to your web designer, commercial printer, graphic artist or someone working in Photoshop.  


Green screen for business card photos

The most common use for our photo extractions is for use on a business card where you don't want a traditional box around your photo as seen on the two samples above.

Extracted Image PNG Files, Transparent Background or "Ping Files")

We offer PNG Files as an add on to most corporate headshot packages. These files have the background digitally extracted (removed) so you can place them on any background or colour you wish.  They are usually used in offset printing or websites. 

For people not sure what an "Invisible Background" is or want to see samples 

Here is a link to our LinkedIn Article on Invisible Backgrounds.

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"Top 5  Best Photographers"
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